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Operation of the project at every stage of the investment

Our key objective since 2004 is to provide effective and efficient solutions in the field of planning and management actions to achieve the core business objectives. Our success is the success of the project our client. We specialize in providing engineering services at every stage of the construction project. Our offer is addressed to both Developers and Investors public and private. We provide comprehensive services in the construction process in terms of representation of the investor, technical supervision, coordination of industry, organization of tender procedures and health and safety management on site. Supporting sustainable construction through the promotion of green certification in 2013, we implemented another service – construction management in the process of BREEAM. Effectively use available resources engineering expertise, technical and managerial giving us an advantage over the competition. Each project is treated individually. An innovative approach to each project includes the preparation of appropriate procedures, methodology, schedules and quality of scenarios allowing to identify weak points and their early removal, the use of the expectations of our customers.


Mediation Technical

The construction process may generate confusion on the line Investor – Contractor . These conflicts reduce the effectiveness of communication and negatively affect the further implementation of the project, which de facto is not in the interest of any party to the dispute . Technical mediation is the fastest form of conflict resolution in matters related to the implementation of

Technical Inspections

We provide services investment supervision and technical supervision based on the provisions of the construction law with particular emphasis on the specific requirements of the customer . We have an experienced staff of engineers in all industries, including automation associated with the HVAC system and BMS .

Scenarios Quality

Scenarios quality for documents that are detailed procedures , resources and sequence of activities relating to the quality associated with the service , project or contract . The customer can trace the course of activities related to the implementation of the project , as well as on an ongoing basis to assess the chances of realization both adopted schedule and

Implementation of BREEAM

Each investment applying for a BREEAM certificate is judged in 10 categories: project management and carrying out the construction process, user comfort, energy consumption, location and transportation to and from the building, water and sewage management, materials used, waste management, land use and the impact on ecology , protection against emissions, innovation. Our specialists carry out constant monitoring of compliance

Management of Health and safety

We provide professional staff in the management of health and safety at the site. As part of the services we offer, among others, Object-oriented training for employees of contractors, plans BIOZ, development Instruction Safe Exercise Works, and inspections the state of safety on construction sites, control sobriety, recovery plans, functional control SQOT Safety & Quality Obserwation Tour. Safe working conditions

Risk management

Only the correct performance of the entire construction process ensures smooth running and timely completion of the investment and maintenance costs at the planned level. Each of the participants of the project should therefore take into account many aspects that have a direct or indirect impact on achieving the intended objective. The complexity of this problem, however, lies mainly in

Substitute Investor

In the framework of the full replacement of the investor we suggest conducting tenders for the design and execution of investments , evaluation of project documentation , settlement contract sums and contract settlement as-built , performing surveys of investment in the exploitation of the entitlements warranty and guarantee as well as getting the decision from which the use and settlement

Coordination of the Specialized

The final result of the construction process largely depends on effective coordination of sectoral and inter-branch . Often , complex interrelationship between the various sectors need to make quick but above all , correct the technical decision. Support in this area is particularly important in the case of the method adopted by the Investor of the investment through packaging of


20 / 02

155 -meter building will be ready in the 2Q  2016 years . The height of 39 floors has been reached in July 2015 , and in September 2015 completion of the latter , 41 floors

20 / 02

I etap AURUS Business Park in Łódź reached its highest point of construction.

20 / 02

At the beginning of this year we introduced a new brand – Be CONCEPT . Be CONCEPT is to define our approach to each project . Concept , creation, operation with vision and passion . So we want to build

6 / 02

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6 / 02

The share capital increase of up to PLN 600,000.00

6 / 02

March 7, 2013 r . Started operations Galeria Veneda in Łomża. Investor Echo Investment. IWNiSE Sp. o.o. technical supervision in zkresie all industries , the organization of work surfaces tenants.


AURUS Office building in Łódź

AURUS Office building at ul . Piłsudskiego 85 in Łódź. The usable area of ​​about 19 ​​thousand . m2 ,

Q 22 Office bulding in Warsaw

Q22 Office building with underground garage and associated infrastructure at ul . Grzybowska and Al . Pope John Paul II

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Our vision

We combine the concept of CSR to sustainable development of the company

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