Risk management

Only the correct performance of the entire construction process ensures smooth running and timely completion of the investment and maintenance costs at the planned level. Each of the participants of the project should therefore take into account many aspects that have a direct or indirect impact on achieving the intended objective. The complexity of this problem, however, lies mainly in the fact that it is difficult to anticipate all the problems that can be encountered during implementation. Therefore, it is important to correctly define the risks and evaluation of their likely effects. Such action leads to gather as much information as possible about the future course of events, and consequently to manage risk by taking in the course of planned activities appropriate decisions. When designing the construction project, risk management usually applies to the deadline and the associated strict cost (the risk of time and cost). However, in the process of managing distributed over multiple components at risk, such as .: unforeseen soil and water conditions, weather conditions, availability of resources, design errors, etc.. Taking this into consideration it can be concluded that the risks associated with planning, implementation and operation of the construction project, a complex issue that is difficult to define, and to effectively manage it is required not only theoretical knowledge but practical experience.

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