Management of Health and safety

We provide professional staff in the management of health and safety at the site. As part of the services we offer, among others, Object-oriented training for employees of contractors, plans BIOZ, development Instruction Safe Exercise Works, and inspections the state of safety on construction sites, control sobriety, recovery plans, functional control SQOT Safety & Quality Obserwation Tour.

Safe working conditions determine the proper course of the construction process, which is of particular importance following the fast development of technology and techniques in construction. Increasingly sophisticated techniques climb modern facilities and at the same time shortening the deadlines for their implementation forces the change in approach to ensure safe working conditions. Efficient management of the construction process is now also the management of occupational health and safety. Managing health and safety does not need to increase investment costs. Proper identification of risks, prevention, prevention of accidents and situations of potential accidents streamlines the implementation process and increases productivity.

Safe working conditions are primarily the requirement of the law and in the case of an accident, the risk of criminal and civil liability. It should be recalled that, in accordance with Article. 220 of the Act of 6 June 1997. – Criminal Code, who, being responsible for health and safety, does not fulfill the resulting obligation and thus exposes the employee to the immediate danger of death or serious bodily injury shall be punished by imprisonment for years 3. Punitive also inadvertently committing this crime.

Our vision

We combine the concept of CSR to sustainable development of the company

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